Apron 30

Apron 30
  • Fabric LDPE
  • Thickness 30 μm (micron)
  • Dimensions 70×120 cm
  • Ribbon fastening
  • Colour white
    Colours available on request: blue, red, green, yellow

Bertozzi Srl

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Available, delivery time 2-5 days.
The disposable smock Apron 30 is made of LDPE and ribbon fastening.

It is a garment intended for personnel employed in the agri-food and industrial sectors. The apron ensures hygiene and protection from minor risks.
Application Area
  • Supply of meals and ready to serve foods 
  • Confectionery industry
  • Dairy industry
  • Tea, coffee, condiments and spices industry
  • Bakery and flour products
  • Fishing industry and processing of fish, crustaceans and molluscs 
  • Industry for the production and processing of fruit and vegetables
  • Slaughtering and meat processing industry and meat products
  • Processing and production of food based on grain, starch and starch products
  • Ho.Re.Ca.

One Size

Polybag (100 Apron)    
Carton: 10 Polybag     
Europallet: 30 Cartons = 300 Polybag (30.000 Apron)
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