Protective Coverall PLUSHIELD

Typ 5/6

Protective Coverall  PLUSHIELDProtective Coverall  PLUSHIELD
  • Single-use laminated coverall
  • Weight 67 grams/m2
  • Elastic at hood, waist and ankles
  • Knitted cuffs
  • Adhesive flap and double slider zipper fastener
  • Silicon free
  • Linting Test
  • White colour

Bertozzi Srl

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The disposable chemical protection coverall PLUSHIELD is made in laminated fabric with front double slider zip fastening covered by an adhesive strip, elasticated ankles, waist and hood opening, knitted seal cuffs. Totally silicon free.

The coverall PLUSHIELD is a disposable protective garment designed to protect workers from hazardous substances and products or processes that are sensitive to human contamination. It is used in the presence of toxic chemical agents in relation to the conditions of exposure; it guarantees protection from airborne solid particulates (TYPE 5) and minor sprayed liquid chemicals (TYPE 6). The coverall protects the user’s whole body, excluding the hands, feet and face.

The coverall PLUSHIELD is tested to protect workers from the risk of infectious agents UNI EN 14126:2004 (TYPE B), from contamination from radioactive dusts to UNI EN 1073-2:2003 and is also antistatic to EN 1149-5:2018.
Sectors of use
  • Disposal and environmental remediation
  • Oil industry
  • Construction industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Vehicle repair workshops
  • Automotive industry

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Vacuum packed polybag: 1 pcs
Box: 50 pcs
Pallet: 20 boxes
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