The crisis caused by the pandemic has made us all aware of the demand for public and private hygiene. However, hygienic measures always make sense, as there are many diseases and pathogens that can be spread. More and more people appreciate the possibility to disinfect the living and working environment in a few simple steps, and this exigency will increase in the future.

Equipe® MedCon decided to propose water-based disinfectants without chlorine and alcohol for following specific considerations:

•    Effective neutralisation of bacteria, viruses and spores, according to tested "contact times".
•    Safe to humans and animals: environmentally friendly.
•    Gentle on the human skin; it can be used by people with severe skin diseases and avoid irritation of the epidermis. 
•    Affordable disinfectant for all people.
•    Respect for cultures and religions.  
•    Controlled packaging in order to avoid "underdosing".
•    Possibility to have disinfectant, wherever water is available.
•    Disinfection and cleaning at the same time.
•    Reduce drastically the plastic bottles pollution.
•    Safety transport and storage: a water-based disinfectant is incombustible.

The Edecon® Disinfection Sani 99 series fulfils the expectations of private and professional users. The disinfection line includes water-based solutions, easy to use, ecological, environmentally friendly, which allows the disinfection of all objects and surfaces in private and professional environmental areas. 

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