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Sani 99

Sani 99TM is an anhydrous powder (powder format), packed in high quality triple foil sachets, without alcohol and chlorine. It is packaged in a 6g sachet to make 1 litre of disinfectant, allowing an exact dosage and eliminating the possibility of underdosing.

Sani 99TM is a biocidal disinfectant subject to specific regulations, authorisations and controls. 
Distrust disinfectants without these specific characteristics.

PCS Number: 101045

Sani 99TM has been approved in Ireland for PT2, PT3 and PT4. This approval is based on the stringent ECHA standards and guidelines, which are used by all European and Scandinavian countries. Even though that this standard is the same for all these countries, bureaucracy still require individual registrations.
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Available, delivery time 2-5 days.


SANI 99™ AGRI is a water-soluble biocidal broad-spectrum disinfectant with an efficiency of 99.99995% (pathogen elimination rate).

Farmers face many socio-economic challenges and inflated disinfectant prices contribute to significant financial burdens. Disinfectants with average performance and low pathogen elimination rates are marketed at high prices. Many products promise results without providing precise tests carried out in authorised and certified laboratories, but exploit the market with inflated prices.

Our research and development team ensures that our product technology is highly effective in a wide range of applications.
We strive to strike a balance between 'reasonable product cost' and 'increased effectiveness'. We are proud to be able to offer farmers a product with a high rate of disinfectant efficacy at a reasonable price.

SANI 99™ AGRI is a biocidal disinfectant developed exclusively for farmers.
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Available, delivery time 2-5 days.


  • SANI-AMANZI™ is packaged in 6g sachet’s, sanitising 20 liters of contaminated water. 
  • Sanitising efficacy of 0 (ZERO) E.coli/p/p 100ml. 
  • Effective in neutralising Salmonella, Shigella and Cholera in the water. 
  • Available in powder format, making it convenient and lightweight to transport. 
  • Packed in high quality triple foil sachets. 
  • Precise dosage of SANI-AMANZI. This prohibits overdose unlike some liquid alternatives found in the market. 
  • No chlorine or harmful chemicals are used to sanitise the water
incl. 20% VAT plus shipping
Available, delivery time 2-5 days.